WATCH: Biden Creepily Sniffs Another Child At White House Easter Egg Roll

Joe Biden is back at it again with questionable behavior, this time during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

A video captured the President in a close encounter with a young child which swiftly circulated due to his interactions with kids in the past. Biden appeared to lean in close to the child and sniff him.


The event was further punctuated by a verbal misstep from the President, who inadvertently referred to “Easter bunnies” as “oyster bunnies.”


On Easter Sunday, the Biden administration followed the Obama administration’s footsteps by declaring the holiday a “Transgender Day of Visibility.” On Saturday, the Trump campaign blasted the Biden campaign for the anti-Christian act.

The Transgender Day of Visibility (not to be confused with the Transgender Day of Remembrance) was first declared in 2009 under the Obama administration. But Biden was the first president to make the made-up “holiday” official in 2021.


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