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VIDEO: Ray Epps 60 Minutes Interview Clip Infuriates GOP Republicans

VIDEO: Ray Epps 60 Minutes Interview Clip Infuriates GOP Republicans

(trendingpoliticsnews) – A “60 Minutes” interview with Ray Epps aired Sunday night, prompting backlash from GOP Republicans and conservatives across social media.

In his interview, Epps, who is believed by many to be guilty of orchestrating the events of the Jan. 6 protest, said it was “stupid” of him to encourage Trump supporters to go into the Capitol.

“I said some stupid things. My thought process: we surround the Capitol, we get all the people there. I mean, I had problems with the election. It was my duty as an American to peacefully protest, along with anyone else that wanted to.”

He went on to explain why he privately bragged about orchestrating the events of Jan. 6.


During the interview, the “60 Minutes” host announced a statement the FBI issued which proclaims that Epps is not a federal informant. “Ray Epps has never been an FBI source or an FBI employee,” the FBI’s statement reads.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) asked why Democrats and CBS’ “60 Minutes” interview portray Epps as a victim even after it was revealed the Jan. 6 participant sent a text where he took responsibility for orchestrating the Jan. 6 events.

“Ray Epps is the only person I’ve seen on video January 5th and January 6th urging and directing people to go into the Capitol. In a text message on January 6th he bragged that he orchestrated it. Why do democrats and the media portray him as the victim? So bizarre,” the Kentucky Republican posted on Twitter.

Simon Ateba, a White House correspondent, reacted to the “60 Minutes” interview on Twitter. Ateba said the interview “left more questions than answers” and questioned why Epps was never jailed.

“BREAKING Ray Epps, suspected of instigating Jan 6 violence but let off by the @FBI, spoke out on @60Minutes. His story left more questions than answers, fueling beliefs he was a plant. Some ask: if he’s free, why jail others who did less?” Ateba tweeted.

Steve Guest, the special advisor for communications for US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), was bewildered by the FBI’s statement, noting how they refused to answer questioning on Epps from Cruz last year.

“Give me a break. The FBI gives 60 Minutes a statement about Ray Epps in APRIL 2023. But last year when Sen. Ted Cruz asked the FBI the basic question ‘Who is Ray Epps,’ the FBI said, I cannot answer that question,’” Guest posted with the 2022 Cruz hearing video. 



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