STUNNING: ‘Laptop From Hell’ Reporter Shreds ‘Unholy Alliance’ Between Feds And Big Tech, Exposes Bidens


(trendingpoliticsnews) – The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, chaired by Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), hosted a congressional hearing on the federal government’s partnership with Big Tech to censor American citizens today. One of their witnesses is Breitbart politics editor Emma-Jo Morris who spoke about the censorship of the New York Post‘s publication of the damning information from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Morris, who was previously with the Post when the laptop story was released, said, “I am here today because I published a series of news stories in October of 2020 about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop – also known as the ‘laptop from hell.’”

Morris continued, recalling, “What was more scandalous than the reporting itself though was the fact that it exposed the unholy alliance between the intelligence community, social media platforms, and legacy media outlets. At the time I was deputy politics editor at the New York Post and my reporting showed that despite then-candidate Joe Biden’s repeated and furious denials, he was apparently involved in the foreign business deals of his family.”

Morris emphasized that she “revealed verified authentic emails” from Hunter’s laptop about this intermixing of politics and business. She stated that the newspaper even went out of its way to identify its sources for its information and that the FBI was aware of the laptop and its content since September 2019. She stressed that upon the publication of this material in social media “within hours…it was censored on all major platforms on the basis of being called hacked or Russian disinformation.” The information and the reporting had no basis in hacked materials nor were they the products of Russian disinformation, and were two years later verified by major news outlets.

The veteran reporter recalled that “Twitter refused to allow users to share the link to the stories” and even “banned the link from being shared in private messages.” She observed that the policy that enabled Twitter to take this extreme action was meant for how the social media outlet should reply to cases of child pornography. Other platforms practiced similar methods.

Morris stated that the public would learn in the end that the claims of the laptop story peddling Russian disinformation emanated from coordination between Anthony Blinken from the Biden campaign and former national security officials. Federal agencies were also involved in the scheme by “priming social media companies to execute an operation to discredit it [the reporting about the laptop]…as a Russian hack and leak operation.”

She observed the great lengths that the intelligence community went in having a line of contact with social media companies to engage in this censorship and pointed out the vast number of former intelligence officials who were hired to work in these social media outlets.

Emma-Jo Morris concluded by saying, “What this relationship between the US government officials and American corporations represent is an unprecedented push to undermine the First Amendment- the right to think, write, read, [and] say whatever we want. And how we respond will determine whether we see a free press as inalienable or as optional.”