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SICKENING: Nancy Pelosi Attacks Robert Kennedy Jr., Smears IRS Whistleblowers As…

SICKENING: Nancy Pelosi Attacks Robert Kennedy Jr., Smears IRS Whistleblowers As…

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t bother to refute the compelling IRS whistleblower testimony from this week, but instead smeared them as part of a “clownshow.”

Appearing on CNN’s ‘State of Confusion’ with host Dana Bash, she slammed the hearings for Robert Kennedy Jr, the IRS whistleblower testimony, and Big Tech censorship as “ridiculous.”

Transcript follows below:

DANA BASH: This past week, two IRS whistleblowers, career investigators, testified under oath that the Justice Department slow-walked the investigation into President Biden’s son Hunter and ignored recommendations to file more serious felony charges.

Are you confident that politics did not play a role here?

REP. NANCY PELOSI: Well, it was a — since you reference the hearing, what a ridiculous clownshow, again, on the part of the Republicans.

Here was a purpose that you described. What did they do? Bring in Joe Kennedy talking about censorship, that he’s being censored, as he’s talking to the world in a congressional hearing, and showing pictures that had nothing to do with the essence of it.

BASH: I think you mentioned Robert — Robert F. Kennedy. But on the —

PELOSI: Excuse me. I’m sorry.

BASH: That’s OK. There are lot of Kennedys.

PELOSI: Robert.

BASH: Did you — do you feel confident no politics by the DOJ?

PELOSI: Well, the district — the U.S. attorney was a Trump appointee, a Trump appointee.

Now, I’m — I have respect for whistle-blowers, but the fact is that, from the basis of that hearing, they — they didn’t even have a fair shot at what they came to say, in light of the clown show that was going on with pictures, and Robert F. Kennedy — Robert Kennedy, with his ridiculous presentation.

No, I’m not — I’m not confident of — about what the whistle-blower said. The U.S. attorney was a Trump attorney. This is their opinion. It was not the opinion of others there.

By the way, a “clownshow” is when an elected leader uses ad hominem attacks to refute extremely serious accusations of official corruption backed up by whistleblower statements, verified emails and texts, the testimony of former business partners, and bank records. It is fundamentally unserious, but no one expects anything more from partisan Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, who apparently sees no problem with official corruption, even if it presents a threat to national security.



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