SICKENING: Florida Pride Event Includes ‘Kids’ Zone’ Featuring Drag Queen

(breitbart) – A Florida pride festival featured a drag queen question and answer event in the “teen’s zone” and a story hour in the “kids’ zone,” the Daily Caller reported

The teen’s portion consisted of a question and answer with a drag performer who goes by the name “Misty Eyez.” The drag performer also took part in a drag queen story hour event in the kids’ zone.

The festival, which was hosted by Hollywood, Florida, and Broward County, Florida, also included a “banned book nook” in the “kids’ zone.” The banned book area featured various controversial books and was hosted by the Broward County Hollywood Library and Safe Schools South Florida, a group working to embed gender theory in schools.

The organization explains that it hopes to mobilize students in service of leftist causes “through GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) leadership training and diversity conferences.” The group also “works on policy advocacy initiatives with schools, school districts and government agencies.”

Called “Welcome Home, my Hollywood Pride,” the event also featured screenings of “Legacy Couples Project,” a documentary about 14 queer couples. “Caoba,” a film about safe spaces for homosexual men of color, was also screened during the festival. 

The festival was sponsored by Starbucks, Holy Cross Hospital, and the Florida Cleveland Clinic. The Florida Cleveland Clinic provides patients with information about “gender affirmation surgery.” The Florida clinic is just one medical institution among many that has worked to influence childrens’ understanding of sex and gender. 

Breitbart News has revealed that several children’s hospitals that provide puberty blockers, hormone therapy, or even surgical operations sponsored pride parades throughout the country. Some of these parades, such as the 2022 Nashville Pride Parade, featured portions that were specifically aimed at children.


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