SICKENING: California School District Votes in Favor of Keeping a Child’s Gender Transition Status from Parents

(trendingpoliticsnews) – The Chico Unified School District has voted to keep their “parental secrecy” policy in place. “Parental secrecy”  allows Chico Unified to not inform parents if a child identifies by another gender at school.

During the meeting, the board received input from educators as well as Aurora Regino, a mother who is currently suing the district. Regino alleged that a school counselor facilitated her 11-year-old daughter’s transition without her consent.

The board voted 3-2 to keep the current policy.

Regino expressed her frustration with the district’s policy and is calling for more transparency when it comes to counseling services provided to students. She explained, “I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My daughter was distressed and began questioning her sexuality, so she decided to reach out to a wellness counselor at her elementary school.”

“The day my daughter shared with her guidance counselor that she felt like a boy. The counselor immediately affirmed this new identity,” the mother said. “My daughter told the counselor she wanted to tell me about her new identity. The counselor ignored her request and did nothing to support her and letting me know what was going on at school.”

Oliva Phillips, an educator supporting student privacy policy, claimed “We as educators and service providers, we as educators need to cultivate an environment where students feel trust and safety and acceptance, to be unapologetically themselves without repercussions of backlash.”



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