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SICKENING: America’s Top Covid Experts Cashed in on Pandemic to the Tune of $325 Million

SICKENING: America’s Top Covid Experts Cashed in on Pandemic to the Tune of $325 Million

(trendingpoliticsnews) – The United States’ top Covid experts during the pandemic cashed in to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars during the pandemic, even as they were recommending measures that included “lockdowns.”

Records have unveiled that Dr. Francis Collins, previously the NIH Director, and Dr. Tony Fauci, former NIAID Director, made substantial profits from royalty checks during the Covid pandemic.

These documents prove that the former leaders of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) benefitted financially from the Covid pandemic.

Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci together got a reported 58 royalty payments between them for allowing companies to use their COVID-19 vaccines. These vaccines were developed with funding from U.S. taxpayers by private pharmaceutical firms.

Both Fauci and Collins profited from consistent royalties throughout the pandemic. OpenTheBooks, a transparency organization, recently released over 1,500 pages of these unredacted records.

The documents detail the various companies that compensated Fauci and Collins for the technology. The majority of these records were accessed through a largely effective use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The NIH resisted these FOIA requests but, in the end, OpenTheBooks secured most of the records. Altogether, 56,000 transactions were recorded, totaling over $325 million. However, specific payment details and related licenses were not mentioned.

Sen. Rand Paul confronted Dr. Anthony Fauci on the royalty payments, which had been kept secret from the American public.

“The NIH continues to refuse to voluntarily divulge the names of scientists who receive royalties and from which companies over the period of time from 2010 to 2016, 27,000 royalty payments were paid to 1800 NIH employees,” Paul said. “We know that. Not because you told us, but because we forced you to tell us through the Freedom of Information Act.

“Over 193 million was given to these… 1800 employees,” Paul added. “Can you tell me that you have not received a royalty from any entity that you ever oversaw the distribution of money in research grants?”

“Well, first of all, let’s talk about royalty,” Fauci rebutted.

“No, that’s the question,” Senator Paul insisted. “Have you ever overseen, have you ever received a royalty payment from a company that you later oversaw money going to that company?”

“You know, I don’t know as a fact, but I doubt it,” Fauci responded. “I would be happy…”

“Well, here’s the thing is why don’t you let us know?” Paul replied. “Why don’t you reveal… how much you’ve gotten and from what entities, the NIH refuses. Look we asked them. We asked them the NIH. We asked them whether or not who got it and how much they refuse to tell us they sent it redacted.”

“Here’s what I want to know. It’s not just about you, everybody on the vaccine committee, have any of them ever received money from the people who make vaccines?” Paul asked. “Can you tell me that? Can you tell me if anybody on the vaccine approval committees ever receive any money from people?”

“Soundbite, number one. Are you going to let me answer a question?” Fauci objected. “Okay. So let me give you some information.”

“First of all, according to the regulations, people who receive royalties are not required to divulge them, even on their financial statement, according to the Bayh-Dole act,” Fauci said. “So let me give you some example from 2015 to 2020, I, the only royalties I have, was my lab and I made a monoclonal antibody for use in vitro reagent that had nothing to do with patients. And during that period of time, my royalties ranged from $21 a year to $700 a year. And the average per year was $191 and 46 cents.”

“It’s all redacted and you can’t get any information on the 1800 scientists,” Paul concluded before he was cut off by the chair.

But now we know that between 2010 and 2021, Fauci got 37 payments from three entities. This includes 15 from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, known for medical research products. They rank fifth in the number of royalty payments. Fauci also received 14 from Ancell Corp., and eight from Chiron Corp., later bought by Novartis in 2006. After acquiring Chiron, Novartis obtained significant NIH funds, as noted by Just the News.

Fauci’s relationship with Chiron dates back to 2004, when they collaborated on an avian flu vaccine. By the close of his service, Fauci was the highest-paid federal worker with a 2022 salary of $480,000.

Collins, who later worked under President Joe Biden, received 21 payments from four firms between 2010 and 2018. GeneDx, a genetic research company, was responsible for 12 of these. It had garnered a substantial sum in federal contracts since 2008. As per Just the News, Collins’ other payments came from various companies, including Quest Diagnostics’ Specialty Laboratories and Ionis Pharmaceuticals.

OpenTheBooks has highlighted the absence of the names and license numbers for each payment, data that the NIH initially withheld but was later mandated to release by a court. This information is crucial for analyzing potential conflicts of interest or public health concerns.

The records could also shed light on a statement Fauci made to Sen. Rand Paul, where he expressed doubt about receiving royalties from entities funded by NIAID while he was in charge. An Associated Press investigation had previously found that Fauci had accepted over $45,000 in royalties years ago for an NIH-backed experimental AIDS treatment.

OpenTheBooks commented that subsequent research revealed the treatment was ineffective. Fauci has thus far failed to adhere to his promise to donate said royalties to charity.



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