REPORT: Fani Willis’ Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade Faces Contempt Allegations…

Nathan Wade, the former special prosecutor who was hired by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, with whom he was having an extramarital affair, has been accused of contempt of court by his ex-wife in a new divorce filing.

Jocelyn Wade alleged that Wade has failed to pay her medical bills in court filings released Wednesday. “Defendant urgently requires medical procedures, namely an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound, due to severe physical symptoms she has been enduring. These symptoms have significantly impacted her ability to consume most foods, leading to a substantial weight loss,” reads part of the 21-page filing.

“Despite a direct request from Defendant to Plaintiff for prepayment and an additional demand from Defendant’s counsel to Plaintiff’s counsel, Plaintiff has failed and neglected to fulfill his obligation under the Temporary Order to cover these necessary healthcare costs. Instead, Plaintiff has instructed Defendant to make payment to the provider herself, with an assurance of reimbursement,” the filing continues.

Wade was paid more than $300,000 for his work on the Trump case after he was hired by Willis in 2022. While both Wade and Willis testified that their relationship began after he was hired to work on the case, a former office employee testified that the relationship began as far back as 2021.

As part of the months-long Fani Willis disqualification case — which was brought forward by Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer, a Trump co-defendant in Willis’ dubious RICO case — Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAffee ruled that Wade must resign from the case in order for it to continue. The disgraced prosecutor ultimately did so last month.

While McAffee opted not to disqualify Willis outright, he has reopened the case for evidence at a later date. Lawyers for Shafer will introduce testimony Cobb County Chief Deputy District Attorney Cindi Lee Yeager, who intends to testify that the relationship between Willis and Wade began as far back as 2020.


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