REPORT: Deadly Attack Leaves Illinois Democrat Leader In Awe


FOX News reports that Illinois state Sen. Kimberly Lightford’s (D) husband used a gun for self-defense during a carjacking Tuesday night.

Breitbart News reported that Lightford and her husband were targeted by carjackers Tuesday night.

CBS Chicago noted:

Police said, around 9:45 p.m., three masked individuals driving a Dodge Durango carjacked Lightford as she was driving a Mercedes Benz SUV in the 2000 block of South 20th Avenue, along with her husband. The carjackers fired shots during the attack, but Lightford and her husband were not injured, according to police.

FOX News now reports that Lightford’s husband, Eric McKennie, exchanged gunfire with the carjacking suspects.

The Chicago Tribune indicated that Broadview police Chief Thomas Mills explained that Lightford and McKennie were ordered out of the car by the suspects at some point during the carjacking. After that “There was an exchange of gunfire between McKennie and at least one of the carjackers.”

McKennie has a concealed carry permit.