JUST IN: Zuckerberg’s ‘Twitter Killer’ App Is Already Failing

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Meta’s much-lauded ‘Twitter killer’ app is gasping for air only a couple of weeks after its launch. Early projections that the app would drastically reduce Twitter’s user base have proven to be wishful thinking at best. The brainchild of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “Threads” has seen a significant drop in both user engagement and time spent, following its July 6 release.

A tweet from entrepreneur Mario Nawfal delivered the grim statistics: Daily Active Users (DAUs) dropped from a peak of 45 million at launch to a disappointing 28 million by July 13, marking a 38% decrease in users. Meanwhile, average time spent per user saw a more dramatic fall, dropping from 20 minutes on July 7 to a mere 5 minutes by July 11, a 75% reduction in just four days.

Notably, Twitter’s metrics remained virtually unchanged throughout this period, smacking down expectations of a mass exodus to the new platform.

Nawfal’s earlier tweet last Friday hinted at the imminent disaster, noting a 20% drop in DAUs from Saturday, and a 50% drop in time spent per user. Today’s figures only amplify the scale of the debacle.

Meta’s clone app, intended to be a major disruptor in the social media landscape, now runs the risk of becoming a mere footnote. It appears to echo the fear that despite Instagram’s colossal user base of 2.3 billion, downloads of the new app might not translate into active use.

Threads is a new application crafted by the Instagram team, attempting to facilitate text updates and participation in public dialogues. The login is integrated with Instagram accounts.

Zuckerberg unveiled the initial version of Threads hoping to replicate Instagram’s success with visual content in the realm of text-based communication.

Nawfal points to two primary factors responsible for the app’s swift downfall: excessive and biased censorship undermining free speech, and a premature launch that delivered a pared-down version of Twitter with limited functionality and features. This, according to Nawfal, provided a “meh” experience for users.

The third factor, though yet to fully materialize, is the potential for the app to serve as a bridge for Instagram users to migrate to Twitter. Users initially drawn to the new app may find themselves drawn to the original platform instead, delivering a win to Twitter at the expense of Meta’s app.

Even Instagram experienced a minor decline in Daily Active Users (DAUs), while Twitter’s statistics held firm. The stability could be an indication of a promising path ahead for Twitter as Elon Musk and his team continue their efforts to grow their platform’s audience.




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