Home Uncategorized JUST IN: Newsmax Host Claims Audio Tape Proving Biden Crimes Is Coming Soon: ‘They’re Worried’

JUST IN: Newsmax Host Claims Audio Tape Proving Biden Crimes Is Coming Soon: ‘They’re Worried’

JUST IN: Newsmax Host Claims Audio Tape Proving Biden Crimes Is Coming Soon: ‘They’re Worried’

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Newsmax host Greg Kelly dropped a bombshell during his show’s Monday broadcast, claiming that an audio tape containing “incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption” is set to be released sometime between Labor Day and Halloween. According to Kelly, the tape is so incriminating that it could potentially end Biden’s chances for re-election.

“I am told by people in the know… that there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public,” Kelly stated. “Once it is heard, Joe Biden will have, well, he’ll have only two options. Number one, he will not be able to remain a candidate for the presidency for reelection. It will be over and done with.”

Kelly went on to say that the White House is already aware of the tape and is “worried about it.” He suggested that Biden’s recent actions, such as going to the beach, indicate that the President knows “his time is up.”

The Newsmax host also took the opportunity to criticize the mainstream media for their coverage of the Biden family’s business dealings. He pointed out that much of what former President Donald Trump had claimed about the Bidens has been proven true, yet the media continued to downplay and ignore these claims.


“If this stuff is true about Russia, Ukraine, China, other countries, Iraq, if this is true, then he’s a corrupt politician,” Kelly said. “So don’t give me the stuff about how you’re this innocent baby. Joe, they’re calling you a corrupt politician.”

Kelly concluded his segment by questioning how America could avoid electing another career politician like Biden, who he described as “full of ambition but no ability.”

Two weeks ago, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said that the House Oversight Committee is demanding the National Archives report on all duties performed by then-Vice President Joe Biden that had to do with Ukraine during the same period of time when his son Hunter was representing Burisma Holdings.

“It’s all a pattern here,” said Comer. “The Democrats and their friends in the media try to say there’s no connection to Joe Biden. Every day there’s more connections, and I think these emails today are consistent with the timeline that show exactly what the quid pro quo was.”

“I am now calling on the National Archives to provide Joe Biden’s records regarding his duties as VP that overlapped with his son’s activities in Ukraine,” Comer added.

Among those details targeted by the Oversight Committee include Hunter’s employment on the board of Burisma where he allegedly phoned his father into meetings with company executives being investigated for corruption. Following a request for “help” from Washington by the Burisma executives, Biden reportedly threatened to withhold one billion dollars in aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating the energy company was fired.

That prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, has since come forward to claim that Biden was compromised by the company, which paid Hunter millions of dollars for access to the White House.

The president has strenuously denied his involvement with criminal activity, including allegedly accepting a bribe as was claimed by an FBI whistleblower. During their investigation of Hunter, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley said the Justice Department intervened to block his team from pursuing leads that could have tied President Biden to crimes.



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