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Comply or DIE: Hospital System Denying Transplant to Unvaxxed Patient With Stage 5 Renal Failure

Comply or DIE: Hospital System Denying Transplant to Unvaxxed Patient With Stage 5 Renal Failure

(IL) – Colorado Springs’ UCHealth is meting out a potential death sentence to a Christian woman with stage 5 renal failure for refusing to take Big Pharma’s experimental shots after having already recovered from covid.

The Hippocratic Oath has been thrown straight into the garbage by our medical establishment in an effort to force everyone to submit to the will of Big Pharma.


From The Denver Channel:

An El Paso County woman says she won’t be able to get a kidney transplant through UCHealth because she’s not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Leilani Lutali learned of this after receiving a letter, dated Sept. 28, from the UCHealth Transplant Center at its Anschutz Medical Campus:

“The transplant team at University of Colorado Hospital has determined that it is necessary to place you inactive on the waiting list. You will be inactivated on the list for non-compliance by not receiving the COVID vaccine. You will have 30 days to begin the vaccination series. If your decision is to refuse COVID vaccination you will be removed from the kidney transplant list. You will continue to accrue waiting time, but you will not receive a kidney offer while listed inactive. Once you complete the COVID vaccination series you will be reactivated on the kidney transplant list pending any other changes in your health condition.”

“I feel coerced. I feel like my life is being held in their hands in exchange for a shot, and the attitude is just take the shot,” Lutali told Denver7’s sister station KOAA Tuesday.

The letter has gotten a lot of attention, including from State Rep. Tim Geitner, a Republican serving El Paso County.

“The understanding is basically… conform to this demand. Take this COVID vaccine or otherwise you will be denied a life-saving procedure,” he said Tuesday.

In a Facebook Live, the state lawmaker says he contacted UCHealth several times to get them to provide an exception.

“I’ve had 2-3 exchanges, actually — a few text messages, a couple of phone calls, a couple of emails — in and around this issue,” Geitner said. “There is very little that UCHealth is prepared to do… an exemption to policy or a change in policy or accommodating or anything else.”Michelle Malkin has more:

[Leilani’s] condition worsened over the summer, leading her medical providers at UCHealth in Denver to begin discussion of an organ transplant. Blessed with a close-knit network of friends through her local Bible study, Leilani found a living donor in Jaimee Fougner, a former Air Force medic, triathlete, and medical assistant who has spent more than two decades in the health care field.

“It was an easy decision to make,” Jaimee reflected. “Why would I not want to save my friend’s life?”

Everything was moving along smoothly until last week, when Jaimee’s donor coordinator at UCHealth asked about her vaccination status. Jaimee is unvaccinated and won a religious exemption from her employer’s jab-or-job mandate. Leilani has already had COVID and told me she recently tested positive for antibodies. Like Jaimee, Leilani has religious objections to the COVID vaccine manufacturers’ use of aborted fetal cells.

Moreover, Leilani told me, “I’m not ‘anti-vax.’ I got my shots as a kid and for business travel. It’s specifically about the COVID shots, which have not been out long enough. There’s no comprehensive data.”

No matter. “Trust the science,” stop asking questions, and comply or die.

Leilani and Jaimee told me they were informed by one of the transplant coordinators that if they didn’t submit to the COVID jab, their transplant “journey would come to an end.” Leilani says they were “told flat-out that there would be no exemptions,” even though UCHealth does allow its own staff to apply for medical and religious waivers. Leilani pushed for alternatives such as a negative COVID test. No go.

[…] Welcome to vaxx-partheid in the operating room. In their discussions with Leilani and public relations materials sent to me, UCHealth officials have imperiously compared exercising the choice to decline the COVID vaccine to irresponsible behavior such as smoking or drinking before or after an organ transplant. Ridiculous. As Leilani told friends and family in a Facebook post about her plight:

“I have done the research on transplant patients and there isn’t substantive evidence that the COVID shot can even provide antibodies to fight off the Delta variant post transplant.”

Jaimee adds that the COVID vaccine clinical trials excluded severely immunocompromised patients and a peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Hepatology published in August found “poor antibody response” after COVID vaccination among 61 percent of liver transplant patients and 24 percent of patients with chronic liver disease.

Colorado state Republican Rep. Tim Geitner heard about Leilani’s case and blasted UCHealth’s decision as “disgusting” in a Facebook livestream video (which of course has already been appended with the Narrative Control Freaks’ pro-COVID vaccine disclaimers). Leilani’s case “brings great concern for many of us…where based on your vaccination status with COVID, you would actually be denied care.”

Indeed. “Where does this stop?” Jaimee asks. “If it’s okay to deny life-saving transplants to the unvaxxed, are cancer patients next?”

Yes, my fellow citizens, we have now arrived at the insane point in America where unlawful immigration status provides more protection than unvaccinated status—and where health care is a taxpayer-subsidized right for indigent illegal aliens, but not faithful, pro-life Christians who stand up against medical tyranny.

“I didn’t want to be the poster child,” Leilani told me Monday. But after much thought and prayer, she came forward to “be a voice for those who have no voice.” All it takes is one to become hundreds, thousands, and millions in such a time as this.


Who in power will speak for Leilani? Please stand up. The clock is ticking.

The media has been pushing hard for hospitals to deny unvaxxed patients medical care and it’s now happening.

They would never dream of denying treatment to obese people for putting themselves and our healthcare system at greater risk for covid hospitalizations — they actually encourage us to become more obese by offering us free doughnuts in exchange for getting vaxxed — but they’re more than happy to deny treatment to purebloods for blaspheming their god.

Lutali and Fougner have been forced to start looking for hospitals “outside of Colorado” to perform the transplant, Fox News reported.



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