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BREAKING: White House Cuts The Connection – Biden Silenced

BREAKING: White House Cuts The Connection – Biden Silenced

(breitbart) – The White House on Friday abruptly cut a live stream camera feed of President Joe Biden after reporters questioned him about his health.

White House staff put Biden on a live stream video camera for reporters during an event on gas prices, as they continue trying to reassure the country that the president is working and in good health despite getting infected by the coronavirus.

Staff cut short audio and video of the live-streamed event after reporters started shouting questions, asking him how he was feeling after getting infected with the coronavirus.

The president flashed a thumbs up before the feed was cut.

The live stream event was held at the president’s imitation White House video set across the street in the Executive Office Building.

The president appeared on-screen at a desk and took off his mask before speaking.

He began the event apologizing for his hoarse voice.

“Let me start by apologizing for my voice. I feel a lot better than I sound,” he said, clearing his throat and coughing a bit.

While his staff spoke, Biden was spotted on video coughing and reaching for a cough drop, and drinking from a cup as he listened.

The president tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday morning, but so far, staff has only released White House images and videos of the president working and talking to Americans about his health.

The White House continues blocking any attempt by reporters to speak directly to the president’s physician to ask him questions about the president’s health.



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