BREAKING: Tucker’s First Interview Since Leaving Fox Happens Today; Here’s What We Know

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Since the iconic TV host Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News, the media outlet has declined dramatically in viewership. Carlson’s exit from the company has not brought obscurity or irrelevance to the man but rather an outpouring of public interest in what Mr. Carlson has to say. Now, for the first time since Carlson’s departure, he will be interviewed today exclusively on Rumble at 12 pm EST.

The interviewer of Carlson is Russell Brand, who proudly publicized the event on Twitter.

Mr. Brand said of Carlson that he “was an anomaly. An outlier…What you have to accept is he was out of step with the cadence of ordinary mainstream rhetoric. That’s why I predict he’ll find himself in an independent news space now, perhaps with more power than ever.”

He added that this is so because “our state systems, our systems of government, our systems of media, our systems of finance are dying because of our new technological and communication power…we now can communicate collectively, individually, democratically- there is no reason for the degree of centralized power that we have had for the last century when we have new models and new possibilities.”

Mr. Brand also said that “Tucker Carlson has left Fox News and the mainstream media is celebrating but should they check themselves before they wreck themselves because Tucker’s departure could be the beginning of the end for the mainstream.”

Tucker Carlson has circumvented the control of established corporate media structures by uploading his thoughts on events to Twitter since his departure from Fox News. Whilst at Fox News, Carlson was noteworthy for taking on controversial topics that were typically eschewed by other show hosts on the network. Carlson for taking on those topics was the subject of censorship by big tech platforms- often on the behest of the government in violation of the 1st Amendment. For instance, Carlson’s COVID vaccine skeptical questions and takes caught the attention of members of Biden’s White House who demanded that Facebook censor and demote the anchor’s content.

In that example, Tucker was censored for saying, “Before we take this one [the COVID-19 vaccine], a few questions about it. But this specific vaccine, there are two things we’d like to know….The first question, is the vaccine safe? The second question, is it effective, safe and effective? That is all that matters” and proceeded to go over materials that challenged both assertions.


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