BREAKING: Trumps Vp Spot Filled – Republicans Get Great News

(breitbart) – Former President Donald Trump said Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America” that he got along well with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) when asked about the possibility of a Republican Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024.”

Host Rob Finnerty asked, “On 2024, 2.5 years from now, you haven’t said anything, you’ve hinted, you hinted Saturday night in Mendon, Illinois. Are Melania and Barron on board with a possible run again in 2.5 years?”

Trump said, “Well, they love our country, and they hate to see what’s happening. So at the right time, I’ll be saying what I want to do. But they do. They love our country, both. Barons is a young man, and Melania is a First Lady who was really loved. I will say that. I see the signs, ‘we love our First Lady.’ But they love our country, so I think they’ll do what has to be done if we decide to go that way.”

Finnerty asked, “Could you envision a world, sir, where there is a Trump, DeSantis, ticket in 2024?”

Trump said, “Well, I get along with him. I was very responsible for his success because I endorsed him, and he went up like a rocket ship.”


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