BREAKING: Trump Declared Winner Of Local Election In Oregon From Write-In Votes


(trendingpoliticsnews) – Trump has already won in 2023 an election for public office. Interestingly, the elected post is one that he was not even formally running for. KOIN News reported that the former president won a seat on the Hubbard Fire District board in Oregon. Mr. Trump was one of 5 write-in candidates for the office of Hubbard Fire District Board Director Position No. 3. The district itself serves some 5,000 residents.

Each of the five candidates received 2 votes. To break the tie, officials decided which candidate would get the office by rolling a 12-sided die multiple times. Fortune favored Donald Trump during those rolls and he was declared the victor.

Despite fortune’s favor, Trump, if he were interested in the position, would have problems actually serving in that post. Fire Chief Michael Kahrmann told KOIN 6 that “The next step for the Hubbard Fire District is to determine if any of the other candidates are interested in the position…There is a requirement that Board Directors must either live in or own property in the Hubbard Fire District.”

Oregon’s Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess remarked “I’m not sure how the fire district is going to determine if Donald Trump or a Donald Trump owns property…The likelihood is probably not great since we don’t even have a Donald Trump registered in the county.” Burgess though said of the whole affair that “[i]t just shows the persnicketiness that we go through when people are doing write-ins.”

To the best knowledge of this outlet, Trump has not presently announced any plan to relocate to the Hubbard Fire District. As such the next meeting of Hubbard Fire District will be on July 12 where a decision is expected to take place on who will take the open position. While he may have won Hubbard Fire District Board Director Position No. 3 in Oregon, the office Trump is formally seeking is the presidency of the United States.

Trump is currently the Republican frontrunner in a crowded field. He is polling far ahead of any other alternative Republican candidate. His lead in a general election against Joe Biden is becoming apparent even to previous polling outlets that never had him ahead of Biden before. Should Trump win the popular vote outright or through a plurality, he would be the first Republican candidate for president who won a majority of voters since 2004. All successive Republican presidential candidates since George W. Bush have failed to garner such support. The general election will occur in 2024 so there is still plenty of time for things to change in the polling – for better or worse.