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BREAKING: The Numbers Are IN – Biden Can Not Believe It

BREAKING: The Numbers Are IN – Biden Can Not Believe It

(breitbart) – Only 19 percent of likely voters strongly approve of President Joe Biden’s performance, down three points in two weeks, a Monday Rasmussen poll revealed.

After Biden’s two-hour press conference last week in which he was questioned why 49 percent of voters believe he is mentally unfit to be president, 49 percent also strongly disapproved of Biden’s presidential performance, a 30 point differential.

Overall, 40 percent of respondents told Rasmussen they approve of Biden’s job performance. Fifty-nine percent said they disapprove, a 19 point differential.

For perspective, before the deadly Afghanistan withdrawal on August 9, 49 percent approved of Biden and 49 percent disapproved. Among those, twenty-nine percent strongly approved and 42 percent strongly disapproved of Biden.

Biden’s sinking poll numbers come as 40-year high inflation has taken hold, the supply chain crisis has continued, and the coronavirus has continued to damage the labor market.

Last week, Biden attempted to pivot away from domestic struggles and towards international matters. But Biden’s polling on foreign policy is not much better than his overall approval rating. Just 37 percent approve of Biden’s management of foreign affairs, while fifty-four percent disapprove.

Biden has praised his administration for ending the war in Afghanistan in September. But on Monday, reports have revealed Biden is considering sending troops to eastern Europe to confront Russian aggression in Ukraine.



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