Home Uncategorized BREAKING: Secret Video Of Joe Biden Released – The World Is Laughing…

BREAKING: Secret Video Of Joe Biden Released – The World Is Laughing…

BREAKING: Secret Video Of Joe Biden Released – The World Is Laughing…

(breitbart) – Actor Michael Rapaport reacted to a video of President Joe Biden struggling to stay awake at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland, this week, by calling the president “sleepy fucking Joe” and demanding someone “wake this fucking guy up!”

“Look at Joe at the climate change summit. Look at Joey. Joey! Joe, don’t do it,” Rapaport said in a TikTok video, narrating a video of the president struggling to stay awake.

“Joey, don’t you fucking — and he’s out,” the Deep Blue Sea actor said in reaction to Biden closing his eyes. “Are you fucking kidding me, Joe? Wake up, man.”

Watch Below:


“I dick-stained and pig-dicked on your behalf, and you’re out here falling asleep at the climate summit, you fuck,” Rapaport continued in his profanity-laced video. “Wake up, sleepy fucking Joe. Are you fucking kidding me, man?”

“Don’t they got Starbucks over here? Drink a fucking latte, an espresso or something,” the Bamboozled actor said. “Wake this fucking guy up. Joey! Joe, come on man, you look fucking crazy out here.”

“Wake this mother fucker up. Joe, wake up. Un-fucking-believable. Unbelievable,” Rapaport concluded.

While a dismayed, Rapaport appeared to channel former President Donald Trump by referring to Biden as “sleepy,” the Poetic Justice actor had spent years lambasting the 45th president.

Last year, after the 2020 presidential election, Rapaport expressed his delight after the media declared the election for Biden, and attacked Trump, saying he lost the election because he’s a “cocksucker” and a “miserable piece of shit.”

Earlier that year, the Point of No Return actor used Mother’s Day to attack the Trump Family, calling then-First Lady Melania Trump “useless.”

Now, it appears that Rapaport may be suffering from buyer’s remorse with regards to his support for Biden.



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