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BREAKING: Russia ATTACKS – Putin’s Plan Is Working

BREAKING: Russia ATTACKS – Putin’s Plan Is Working
Russian President Vladimir Putin told lawmakers on Tuesday that he supports a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow him to seek two more terms and remain in power.

(dailyconservative) – Republican Chairman Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma and Democratic ranking member Jack Reed of Rhode Island released a joint statement Thursday evening stating that the massive cyberattack on several federal agencies “has the hallmarks of a Russian intelligence operation.”

“The U.S. government must do everything possible to counter it,” they said, despite the fact that officials are still unsure of the extent of the attack and said it “appears to be ongoing.”

The Homeland Security Department agency warned that the attack “poses a grave risk to the Federal Government and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments as well as critical infrastructure entities and other private sector organizations.”

The Russian government has denied responsibility for the attack. Inhofe and Reed have said that President Donald Trump needs to sign the Defense Authorization Act, which includes protections against cyberattacks.

Trump wants to veto the bill because it doesn’t include a repeal of Section 230 liability protections for big tech platforms, but Congress may be able to override his veto because the bill has bipartisan support.



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