BREAKING: Recount Results Stun White House – Biden Actually…


(dailyconservative) – After a recount of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, paid for by the President Donald Trump campaign, Joe Biden added 132 votes to his total.

Trump paid for a recount in Milwaukee and Dane Counties that cost $3 million. In Dane County, Trump picked up 68 votes in the recount.

Biden leads Trump in the state by 20,600 votes, but Trump’s campaign plans to file another legal challenge to early absentee votes as well as ballots for which voters said they were “indefinitely confined.”

The campaign challenged absentee ballots with two different ink colors, which could have been added to or altered, as well as those for which there is not a separate record of request.

If their challenges are ultimately successful, Trump will be able to overcome his vote deficit and win the state’s 10 electoral votes.