BREAKING: News Media Caught In Massive Lie – Trump Was RIGHT

(breitbart) – Fox Nation host Piers Morgan said Sunday on FNC’s “Media Buzz” that former President Donald Trump did walk out of his interview, which is set to air on his new show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Monday.

When asked about Trump’s temperament during the exchange, Morgan said, “It was uncomfortable. I’ve never seen him like that. He was very angry. Quite profane, in fact.”

Piers Morgan said, “At the end, I thanked him, and I shook his hand, which is completely true. But then he just got up, barked at our cameras. ‘Turn the camera off.’ And then he walked off. And as he walks off, he muttered loudly — we have all this on film — ‘So dishonest. So dishonest.’ About me. And I just thought that was rude and churlish, and I felt that constituted a walkout, actually.”
Discussing the audio of the end of the interview released by the Trump team, host Howard Kurtz Kurtz said, “However ticked off the former president may have been, he thanked you, you thanked him. You said ‘great interview.’ It didn’t sound like he was storming off in anger.”

Morgan said, “I didn’t claim it was some ferocious, screaming, storming off. I just said that actually, right at the end, he got up, barked ‘turn the cameras off,’ and called me dishonest and walked away.”


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