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BREAKING: National Security Alert – Joe Biden Discovered To Be…

BREAKING: National Security Alert – Joe Biden Discovered To Be…

( breitbart ) – Joe Biden and his family have always been the real security threat facing the United States, writes Brian Cates in Monday’s Epoch Times.

The Democrats’ ongoing and unsuccessful efforts to tie Donald Trump and his family to Russia have been nothing other than a smokescreen to keep people from seeing the real security threat posed by the compromised Biden family, Mr. Cates asserts, pointing to damning evidence of Biden’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party and Ukrainian oligarchs that has emerged in recent weeks.

“Everything the Trump family was exhaustively investigated for over the past five years for supposedly doing has now boomeranged to land on the Biden family,” Cates declares.

The Trump family and their associates were “relentlessly investigated by partisan bloodhounds,” starting with the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation launched in July 2016 and ending with Mueller’s special counsel investigation in March 2019, he notes.

While the left-wing New York Times has been desperately grasping at straws to incriminate Donald Trump, Cates observes, “evidence has continued to emerge of the Bidens taking in millions of dollars in ‘loans’ that look like barely disguised bribes from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government officials, and money from Ukrainian oligarchs and possibly from close associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

The same arguments that Democrats and their shills in the media used to try to implicate President Trump as a traitor are now proving to be fatal for Joe Biden himself, since unlike the case of the Trumps, hard evidence actually exists suggesting Biden collusion.

Calling the situation a profound “irony,” Cates notes that what would have “made Trump a traitor to his country and a blatant national security threat, using the powers of his office to serve a foreign master,” is now surfacing for real in the case of Joe Biden.

“It’s looking increasingly like it was never the Trumps who took the millions in foreign cash but the Bidens,” he adds.

“Joe Biden can continue to issue all the denials he wants,” he continues. “The evidence thus far made public is damning, and none of it is going away.”

The left wing media have closed ranks around the Bidens, with Twitter and Facebook suppressing revelations of damaging Hunter Biden emails by the New York Post while major newspapers have scrambled to try to discredit a bombshell interview with Tony Bobulinski showing how deeply compromised Joe Biden is.

According to the latest poll by the Democracy Institute, these recent revelations have convinced a majority of Americans that Joe Biden is corrupt.

A significant majority (57 percent) said they believe that former Biden associate Tony Bobulinski was telling the truth about the Biden family allegations.

Meanwhile, 52 percent said they believe that Mr. Biden is “a corrupt politician” and 54 percent said the allegations make him a national security risk.

Sunday’s poll of 1,500 likely voters found that President Donald Trump is poised to win re-election in an Electoral College landslide, and to edge his opponent by one point in the national popular vote.



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