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BREAKING: McCarthy Gives J6 Footage To Three More Outlets

BREAKING: McCarthy Gives J6 Footage To Three More Outlets

(trendingpoliticsnews) – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has given three more news outlets unfettered access to the January 6th footage. Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) celebrated this development on her Twitter account, reinforcing the commitment to transparency that many in the GOP have called for.

“I’m excited to share the good news that just as I promised the J6 tapes are being released!” Greene tweeted. She went on to name the three outlets receiving access to the footage: John Solomon Reports, Julie Kelly, and a third outlet yet to be disclosed.

This move to release more footage comes as a response to the calls for transparency and accountability surrounding the events that occurred on January 6th. Rep. Greene and McCarthy are both outspoken critics of the handling of the J6 investigation, asserting that the full story has yet to be told.

John Solomon, a journalist noted for his investigative reporting, and Julie Kelly, a respected commentator and author, have been granted access to the footage. In her tweet, Greene expressed her anticipation for the upcoming reports. “This is the transparency the American people deserve and I look forward to their reporting!” she wrote.

McCarthy’s decision to release the footage to these outlets underscores the party’s commitment to openness and truth. This move comes as a stark contrast to the perceived secrecy and partiality of the current administration’s handling of the J6 investigations.

Critics have accused the Biden administration of withholding vital information, and of presenting a skewed narrative of the events that unfolded that day. The release of these tapes is a step towards rectifying this. It is hoped that the release of this footage will shed light on the truth of that day and ensure that justice is served.

In March, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced his intention to release all surveillance footage from the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, to the public. He initially released these tapes to Tucker Carlson, emphasizing the importance of transparency and allowing the public to form their own opinions.

McCarthy noted that providing such exclusives is common practice among news organizations. He also clarified that the amount of footage was not just 14,000 hours, as previously reported, but actually 42,000 hours. McCarthy expressed concern about certain secure locations and exits being visible in previously released footage, which he deemed inappropriate for security reasons.

As the tapes were reviewed and slowly released by Tucker Carlson, some footage appeared to contradict previous narratives presented by Democrats. McCarthy revealed that his team was working with the Capitol Police to ensure that no sensitive areas were shown in the footage before making it public. He also mentioned that a security concern raised by the Capitol Police was already online, posted by Eric Swalwell, for the past two years.



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