BREAKING: Limbaugh Confirms Fears – It’s Over

(dailyconservative) – Talk show host Rush Limbaugh confirmed that the Democrat party is actively stoking the flames of a racial war. The Republican National Convention’s goal was to dilute those efforts.

In a prerecorded message, Limbaugh contrasted the RNC and the DNC saying, “The story that is being told at the Republican National Convention is about saving America. It’s about saving America from a race war that the Democrats are out there actively trying to promote. They’re trying to foment it.”

The months of unrest and riots that the Democrat party has subtly endorsed has done extreme damage to America’s race relations.

Limbaugh continued saying, “They want this country to be black versus white, immigrant versus native, male versus female. That’s what they want. They want that chaos. They want this constant us-versus-them aspect of daily life.”

Democrats have always pushed to divide Americans into groups, pitting us against each other while they assume the reins of power.

Normal Americans are growing tired of the endless chaos and divisive politics. President Trump is the candidate of law and order and he will be America’s bulwark against chaos.


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