BREAKING: Israel Launches Strikes Against Targets In Iran

Israel has launched strikes on targets in Iran in response to an Iranian drone and missile attack on Israeli territory last weekend.

An unnamed U.S. official confirmed to ABC News that Israel had launched a strike against Iran on Friday morning, local time.

It remains unclear what target was hit or the extent of the damage. Footage uploaded to social media appeared to show anti-aircraft activity over the city of Isfahan in the nation’s interior. In additional videos, air raid sirens could be heard blaring in the city.

Isfahan is the site of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran’s Fars News Agency confirmed that explosions were reported in the city, according to Reuters.

Additional explosions have been reported in Iraq and Syria. Iraq is home to dozens of Shiite militias allied with Iran while the nation has long been allies with the Syrian government.

Iran has closed a large swath of its airspace following the strikes.

The strikes come less than a week after Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles towards Israeli territory in response to an Israeli attack on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria. The attack left two senior Iranian military commanders dead.

President Biden has reportedly informed Israel that the U.S. will not assist in any offensive action against Iran. The U.S. has maintained a naval presence in the region and has vowed to defend Israel against attack by shooting down incoming drones and missiles.

Biden had urged Israel to “take the win” and refrain from striking Iran after last week’s drone attack was largely foiled. The president stated that he made it “very clear” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he had to act “strategically and carefully.”

The Israeli government vowed to respond after holding multiple war councils this week, however.

Following the conclusion of last week’s attack, Iran stated that its military action had concluded, adding that it will retaliate with weapons it has “never used before” if attacked further. The nation also vowed to start construction on nuclear weapons if Israel attacked its nuclear facilities.


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