BREAKING: IRS Whistleblower Alleges Delaware DA Kicked Top Prosecutors Off Hunter Probe Before Filing Charges

(trendingpoliticsnews) – New allegations from a whistleblower with the Internal Revenue Service indicate the Delaware U.S. attorney in the case against Hunter Biden may have dismissed several veteran prosecutors in a bid to lighten his office’s investigation into the son of President Joe Biden.

A lawyer for whistleblower Gary Shapley, speaking with the Daily Mail, said that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss pulled two of his senior investigators from the Hunter Biden case right before filing charges. Instead, the U.S. attorney brought on new prosecutors who included Derek Hines, a former employee for former FBI Director Louis Freeh, a “close associate of Hunter Biden.” The three prosecutors ultimately charged with the case against the embattled first son “had no previous involvement with the investigation,” according to Shapley’s attorney.

The shocking new disclosure offers insight into the nature of charges against Hunter Biden that critics allege were downgraded compared to others prosecuted in Delaware on similar tax charges. In his testimony before Congress, Shapley claimed that he and other agents at the IRS were sidelined by Justice Department officials who interfered with the case, including by failing to appoint Weiss as a special prosecutor capable of bringing charges outside his own district. U.S. attorneys in New Jersey and Los Angeles, both of whom have histories of donating to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, declined to bring charges against the embattled first son.

Prosecutors must still contend with calls for a judge to throw out the deal reached with Hunter Biden which will see him avoid prison time in exchange for completing a pre-trial diversion program.

Despite reeling from the negative publicity surrounding his son, President Biden has stood by Hunter and gone so far as to invite him to a state dinner where Attorney General Merrick Garland awkwardly attempted to avoid any interaction after claiming he did not pressure Weiss to avoid charging the first son. House Republicans are continuing to investigate business transactions by Hunter Biden as they seek to tie the president to deals on behalf of foreign companies where his son skirted reporting taxes. Previous emails uncovered by the House Oversight Committee show that Hunter Biden was keeping the Obama White House updated about his business affairs while his father was serving as vice president, giving President Biden ample opportunity to encourage his son to abide by all laws.


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