BREAKING: Hunter Biden Pleads NOT GUILTY In Courtroom Shocker After Sweetheart Deal Falls Through


(trendingpoliticsnews) – In a shocking twist of events, Hunter Biden has pleaded “not guilty” in a Delaware court today. This comes after a federal judge refused to rubber-stamp what was seen by many as a ‘sweetheart’ plea deal.

The news arrived amid reports that the proposed plea deal, after appearing null and void, was back on the table, but with a much more limited scope. But ultimately, Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected the deal, leading to Hunter’s not-guilty plea and sending shockwaves through the courtroom.

Both the prosecution and defense teams were told in no uncertain terms that the judge could neither accept nor deny Hunter Biden’s guilty plea due to the existing ambiguities in the case. This refusal effectively slammed the brakes on a plea deal that was thought to be back on track.


Hunter Biden has found himself at the center of multiple legal storms, with charges relating to tax evasion from 2014 to 2019, illegal drug use, and firearm possession. It was initially reported that Biden would plead guilty to these charges, but today’s proceedings have drastically altered that narrative.

The unexpected turn of events caught many by surprise. After pleading “not guilty,” Biden’s next moves will be keenly watched as this high-profile case continues to unfold.

Further developments in the case are anticipated and will be reported as they occur. For now, the refusal of the judge to accept the plea deal has upended expectations, and the path forward in this legal saga remains unclear.