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BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals GREAT News – Fans Cheering

BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals GREAT News – Fans Cheering

(breitbart) – Tuesday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson laid out Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial prospect, as polling data is showing that he is facing significant headwinds.

According to Hume, McAuliffe may still defeat his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin. However, McAuliffe was “running scared.”

“Well consider this, Tucker — it was only just a short few weeks ago that Terry McAuliffe was complaining that Joe Biden’s unpopularity and his low approval rating was dragging his, that is to say, McAuliffe’s campaign down, and tonight, there he is — Biden with him in Virginia,” he said. “This is a candidate running scared, very scared, and with good reason. He was never — he was never picked to be a candidate — would have any trouble getting elected, and now, as you point out, solidly blue Virginia when this year began, and this guy, Glenn Youngkin, is somebody nobody ever heard of. He is a political novice, a very successful businessman, but a political novice.”

“He has run a disciplined campaign, and McAuliffe has made one blunder after another, not the least of which was his assertion in a public meeting just a few weeks ago that he didn’t want to have parents telling school boards what to teach the kids,” Hume continued. “Now, that is a widely shared view in the Democratic Party, but it is not a widely shared view across the body politic as a whole. Independents don’t like it, and Republicans obviously don’t like it either. It was as big a political blunder as I think I’ve seen in a long time, so he is in trouble is Terry McAuliffe.”

“He may pull this out, as I say Virginia is a very blue state, but he is in — he is worried, he is scared, and the presence of the President there is only the most recent manifestation of that,” he added.



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