BREAKING: Disney Gets DEVASTATING News From Gov. DeSantis – It’s OVER

Ron DeSantis and his team aren’t exactly known for shutting up when liberals want them to.

Ron and his squad point out the hypocrisy of liberals early and often. Usually taking a stand where many other politicians are afraid to.

Not DeSantis though. He stands for America and it’s people.

When other people aren’t doing the same, he has a problem with it.

DeSantis’ newest discovery is that the woke Walt Disney cooperation has had its entire line of “pride collection” clothes made in China.

Turns out, when they were “supporting” the LGBT community it wasn’t because they cared about the people. It was because Disney cared about profits.

Their LGBT allegiance is marketing. Nothing more.

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Kind of ironic that they are claiming to stand up for an oppressed group of people, yet are fine with having six-year-old Chinese girls manufacturing the clothing for the cause.

It’s hypocritical.

It’s disgusting.

It’s par for the course for liberals.


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