BREAKING: Democrats Ambush American Military – Stunned Soldiers Forced To…

(dailyconservative) – If you ever wanted to know what Joe Biden and the Democrats really think of the military, then look no further than what happened during the inauguration.

The Democrats pulled in 25,000 troops, but only after questioning them to make sure they weren’t avid supporters of Donald Trump, then they used them as props to protect Biden from violence that never happened.

And then what did they do to them once the inaugural “show” was over?

A Democrat, while in service to a President Biden who wasn’t wearing a mask in violation of his own ruled, claimed a national guardsmen wasn’t wearing a mask and sent the whole squad to a parking garage.

You read that right.

Our troops were relegated to a parking garage because someone claimed there was a faceless mask among the bunch>

This is Biden’s America.


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