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BREAKING: Cuomo Gets NAILED – He’s Done

BREAKING: Cuomo Gets NAILED – He’s Done

(breitbart) – Saturday on FNC’s “Justice,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) weighed in on the return of coronavirus restrictions in a handful of states, including New Jersey, New York and California.

Gaetz took exception to Govs. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Phil Murphy (D-NJ) for their approach to restrictions, particularly has government failures on COVID-19 have led to an erosion of trust.

“Cuomo, Newsom, Murphy — who even trusts these guys anymore?” he said. “You know, it would be one thing, Judge, if the government was the oracle of truth on the coronavirus, if Dr. Fauci was the ‘COVID Yoda.’ Maybe we would have to listen to everything he said. But just look at how many times the government has been wrong. It was Fauci who opposed the travel restrictions that President Trump put into place restrictions to give us the time to have a medical response to this virus. They told us we would have to wait 18 months to get a vaccine. President Trump delivered not one but multiple vaccine candidates within a year.”

“They said masks were not helpful. Then they were helpful. Then they were essential and mandatory. Even the 14 days to slow the spread has rolled into months upon months of lockdowns. If you look at Andrew Cuomo in New York — this guy took sick people who had coronavirus and put them into nursing homes. There is blood on Cuomo’s hands just because of abject stupidity. So, I think one of the enduring consequences of this virus has been an erosion in public trust from these officials that seem to tell us to do one thing, and then they do another. Newsom can go out and get his big dinner, yet he’s putting people out of work who actually do work for a living, and I think that’s shameful.”



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