BREAKING: Biden Is Officially OUT – Democrats Shock Nation

(breitbart) – The latest polling from the far-left Associated Press (AP) shows Joe Biden losing support from Democrats due to his mishandling of the economy.

“A month ago, 47 percent of Democrats described the economy as good,” the AP discovered. “In May, that slid to 35 percent.”

There’s even worse news for Slow Joe:

The percentage of Democrats who say Biden’s policies have done more to help tumbled from 45 percent to 37 percent. A majority of Democrats say Biden’s policies have hurt or made no difference to the economy, with 18 percent saying they hurt and 44 percent saying they’ve made no difference.

Overall, as my colleague John Carney pointed out Friday, a breathtaking 78 percent of Americans now rate the American economy as “poor,” up from 70 percent in April.

What must trouble the White House above all is that Democrats are rapidly losing faith in their own Democrat president. When that happens, when a sitting president loses support from his own party, the bottom falls out of his approval ratings. Until now, by appeasing the extremists that make up so much of his party, Biden had been able to prevent his job approval rating from dipping into the thirties. And that’s what a smart president does when he’s in trouble: whatever it takes to keep the base happy.

And usually, that works.

It’s not working for Biden because he’s caught in a Catch-22 on the economy.

To appease his base, Biden had to stop domestic oil production. But! His cancellation of domestic oil production has contributed to exploding gas prices, which is one of the big reasons the economy is so bad. What’s more, domestic oil production is the only sure-fire way to bring down energy prices, which would bring down inflation. But! Biden can’t do that. So he and we and the economy are screwed.

To appease his base, Biden had to spend trillions and trillions of federal dollars. But! This is what exploded inflation, which battered the economy, which is now hurting him with his base.

Biden’s problem is that the Democrat base rejects every proven method of creating economic prosperity. Lower taxes? Verboten. Less regulation? Verboten. More energy? Verboten. Fiscal responsibility in DC? Verboten. More housing? Verboten. Lock up violent criminals? Verboten.

If Biden had the moral courage and the mental acuity to lead, he could’ve been another Bill Clinton, a Democrat who understood a roaring economy forgives all, even lying under oath. Clinton earned 70 percent approval ratings with his roaring economy. The far-left base wasn’t thrilled with Slick Willy’s pro-prosperity policies and willingness to do business with the GOP, but no one listens when times are good.

Right now, Americans are facing one daily shock after another. Gas prices have exploded with record high after record high over the last three weeks. Our monthly 401K statements make us wince. What a hundred dollars bought you at the grocery store during the Trump Era now costs closer to $150.

Children — in America! — can’t get enough baby formula — in America! — and are ending up hospitalized — in America! — and operated on — in America!

No amount of happy talk about the unemployment rate, or this or that, can paper over the everyday trauma of everyday life in Joe Biden’s failed America.

And now, even Democrats are forced to admit it, which means the bottom is about to fall out of His Fraudulency’s presidency.


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