WOW: WSJ Forced To Admit It Joe Biden Is Going DOWN


(breitbart) – President Joe Biden leads former President Donald Trump by 6 points in a 2024 hypothetical matchup, a Wall Street Journal poll found Friday.

The poll asked respondents, “Hypothetically, if the 2024 election for President were held today and the candidates were Joe Biden, the Democrat, and Donald Trump, the Republican, for whom would you vote?”

Fifty percent chose Biden, while only 44 percent selected Trump. Six percent were undecided. In March, the poll had both Biden and Trump tied at 45 percent with nine percent undecided. In November, the poll had Biden leading by one point (46-45 percent) with 10 percent undecided.

The poll sampled 1,313 registered voters nationwide from August 17-25. The poll did not give a margin of error but said “due to rounding, ‘total’ of the individual components may differ by +/-1.”

The poll was criticized on Twitter for being a “push poll,” which means the poll was conducted with a predetermined outcome to impact how Americans feel about the hypothetical matchup between Trump and Biden.

Rich Baris, Director at Big Data Poll, slammed the poll because it had a “crappy sample” size:

The WSJ poll comes as nine other polls have shown Trump leading Biden by one to seven points. In a poll last weekend by McLaughlin and Associates, Trump led Biden by 4 points in a potential 2024 presidential matchup.