WOW: Vivek Ramaswamy Receives This Ominous Warning…


A retired FBI agent, Mike Wyatt, delivered a chilling warning to Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy during a campaign event. Expressing concern over the current state of the FBI, Wyatt advised Ramaswamy to “be careful” and urged him to surround himself with “very competent people.” Ramaswamy, sensing a potential threat, asked for clarification, to which Wyatt emphasized the need for vigilance and suggested seeking competent help and conducting intelligence work before public appearances.

Acknowledging the warning, Ramaswamy later shared the encounter on social media, stating, “I met a former FBI agent and his wife on the campaign trail here in Iowa. They agree with me: we need to root out the corruption & shut down the FBI.” Ramaswamy has been an advocate for FBI reform and the dismantling of certain federal agencies as part of his campaign’s key objectives. In an X post, he highlighted the risks of a bureaucratic intermediary prone to politicized corruption, citing historical instances.

Ramaswamy’s campaign “ten commandments” include plans for FBI reform and reallocating funds to other agencies like the U.S. Secret Service, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. He argues that reducing the size of the FBI while ensuring critical law enforcement functions are performed elsewhere would help prevent corruption and address redundancy in federal agencies.