WOW: 1 in 4 Democrats Are Single-Issue Voters on Abortion


An NBC News poll released on Friday reveals that nearly 24% of Democratic voters would base their vote for a candidate solely on their position on abortion. The survey, conducted from November 10-14 with 1,000 registered voters, carries an overall margin of error of ±3.1 percentage points. The poll highlights that a significant share of single-issue women voters, at 22%, consider abortion their top priority.

When asked about the importance of a single issue in determining their vote, 23% of Democrats pointed to “protecting democracy or constitutional rights” as crucial. Looking at overall respondents, “protecting democracy or constitutional rights” emerged as the top priority, with 19% stating that a politician’s stance on this issue would influence their vote. Abortion ranked second at 18%.

The report outlines additional issues that respondents deemed important in determining their vote, such as immigration or border security (14%), guns (9%), the Israel-Hamas war (5%), and LGBTQ issues (4%). One in five voters indicated that none of the listed issues would be significant enough to determine their vote for or against a candidate.

Comparatively, Republican voters prioritize immigration policy (25%) and border security (25%), demonstrating different priorities than their Democratic counterparts. Only 16% of Republicans would base their vote on “protecting democracy or constitutional rights,” and 14% would consider abortion a decisive factor.

This poll sheds light on the Democrats’ emphasis on abortion as a key issue, coinciding with substantial financial investments by Democrats and left-wing organizations to shape post-Roe elections around abortion. Additionally, left-wing groups are actively advocating for placing abortion on the ballot in various states as the 2024 elections approach.