Home Uncategorized WATCH: Trump Super PAC Releases ‘Ad Of The Year’ Exposing Biden Crime Family

WATCH: Trump Super PAC Releases ‘Ad Of The Year’ Exposing Biden Crime Family

WATCH: Trump Super PAC Releases ‘Ad Of The Year’ Exposing Biden Crime Family

The nation’s leading pro-Trump super PAC has released a damning ad retelling the history of criminal activity by the family of President Joe Biden, a narrative that supporters of former President Donald Trump hope takes hold in next year’s general election.

The Make America Great Again PAC on Sunday released its latest ad, “Hey Joe,” highlighting the two-tiered justice system that is prosecuting President Trump for multiple crimes while allowing the president’s embattled son to skate on tax and gun charges without serving prison time.

From the ad:

“Hey, Joe, how come your Justice Department goes after Trump endlessly, yet they cover for your family? Hunter’s laptop. Yeah, that was censored. But we know that the laptop’s real. And it’s not just filled with photos of Hunter’s drug-fueled debauchery either. Nah, it showed Hunter pocketed millions from foreign partners, cash from Ukrainian and Chinese interests accused of bribery and fraud. And remember when you claimed your family never made money from China? Well, Hunter admitted in court he took their cash. His Chinese business partner was tied to the Communist Party.”


The ad goes on:

“How did Hunter’s partners get meetings at the White House? Your brother, grandkids, even nieces and nephews got paid from foreign deals. Your family and their cronies raked in over 17 million from these schemes. And Yuzhou went from being one of the poorest in Congress to millionaire in the White House. Come on, Joe. All this a coincidence or corruption?”

The president, who continues to flounder against President Trump in national polls, has taken heavy fire in recent weeks following the sudden plea deal, and its collapse, of his son Hunter. Last week Devon Archer, a longtime friend of his son, testified to a House Committee that he witnessed Biden, as vice president, dial into his son’s meetings dozens of times, including with Burisma executives who allegedly bribed Biden and pressured Hunter to flex his family connections to assist in firing a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the firm. Archer detailed his experience with the family, which has seen multiple members implicated under the ongoing House investigation, saying “I would have been better off if I’d never met [Hunter].”


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