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WATCH: ‘The View’ Co-Host Suggests Carnage In Israel Is GOP’s Fault

WATCH: ‘The View’ Co-Host Suggests Carnage In Israel Is GOP’s Fault

Sara Haines, co-host of The View shocked audiences on Thursday when she made the wild claim that the present internal discord of House Republicans here in the U.S. somehow “invites” terrorist attacks… in Israel.

Haines’ non sequitur argument as reported by The Daily Caller, centered around the notion that House Republicans are contributing to the spread of disinformation while focusing on divisions within the party rather than responding to the evolving situation in Israel.

She told the daytime talk show audience,

“The world is seemingly blowing up right now, and the U.S. looks weak on the world stage because we can’t even name a speaker of the House. And last week, it was kind of amusing, we talked about it here.”

Adding, “We had the, ‘McCarthy’s out, Gaetz is enjoying thirty seconds in the sun and Jim Jordan’s your next best option’ and everything was kind of funny, and then perspective slaps you in the face. And on Saturday after that terrorist attack, I kind of looked at it and thought, you know, this division invites enemies in, and right now, we’re seeing a massive spread of disinformation online as a result of this.”

“And so, this morning we talked about maybe watching less news. We were all, yesterday, teasing about, like, for our mental health, we need to do that. I would encourage House Republicans to watch more news for perspective,” she continued.

The suggestion that the brutal attacks in Israel by Hamas Terrorists that have left as of this writing some 1,200 dead, at least 14 of them American, and up to 3,000 injured, could somehow be ascribed to political infighting in the lower House of the American legislature is almost egotistical in its absurdity, and blindingly myopic.

The very idea that Palestinian terrorists trouble themselves with the procedural minutiae of Congress seems ridiculous on its face, while far more obvious signs of weakness are blithely ignored by Haines and her other colleagues in the leftist media.

If any facet of the American government was likely considered by Hamas leadership in its deliberations preceding the attack, to not suggest first and foremost that the limp-wristed foreign policies of the Biden Administration and the well-reported exhaustion of the military-industrial complex by pumping funds and materials into Ukraine as likely influences is blatantly missing the forest for the trees.

And this is a generous assessment that leaves aside the visible infirmity and weakness projected by the 80-year-old current President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. whose apparent mental lapses in public appearances occur with alarming regularity and doubtlessly embolden America’s international foes.

Possible projections of American weakness notwithstanding, many experts such as Middle East Institute Senior Fellow Bilal Saab bluntly stated that among Israel’s intelligence service, “There was a failure of imagination, first and foremost, and total disrespect of the opponent.” Indeed, many have suggested that Israel’s military missed “repeated” warnings.

“We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big,” the unnamed Egyptian intel official told the Associated Press. “But they underestimated such warnings.”

In all likelihood where the potential egoism of Haines’ statement comes in, is in the conceited idea that this attack was about the U.S. at all. Likely, it wasn’t, it was about Israel and it has always been about Israel. The main flaw that we can find here in America, is the catastrophic foreign policy decisions and a projection of weakness on the world stage by the Democrat administration of Joe Biden. All of which has nothing to do with Republican congressional infighting.


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