WATCH: MTG Announces Articles Of Impeachment Against Biden


()trendingpoliticsnews) – Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) announced at a press conference Thursday morning the filing of articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and other top law enforcement officials.

Greene, who began her remarks with a discussion of the “unchecked power” in the federal government which the Founding Fathers fought against, said the “America Last Executive Branch” under President Biden has “weaponized their office to target their political opponents.”


Greene went on to list a litany of offenses against law enforcement leaders she alleged are worthy of impeachment. U.S. Attorney Michael Graves, who oversees the District of Columbia, has allowed “67 percent of arrests to go unprosecuted,” many of which involve violent crimes. FBI Director Wray has “turned the FBI into the personal police force of Joe Biden.” Attorney General Merrick Garland has overseen the “Department of Injustice” and introduced a “two-tiered justice system” investigating “anyone from parents who investigate their local school boards to former president Donald J. Trump.” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Greene claimed, has allowed the “complete invasion of our country by deliberately flooding our nation with drugs, terrorists, and illegal aliens.”

Greene saved plenty of fire for the end as she outlined her reasoning for a push to impeach President Biden:

“Joe Biden has deliberately compromised our national security by refusing to enforce immigration laws and secure our border, allowed approximately six million illegals from over 170 countries to invade our country, deprive border patrol of the necessary resources and policies sufficient to protect our country. And his administration has willfully refused to maintain operational control as required by the law,” Green said.

The Georgia congresswoman has been a persistent thorn in the side of the Biden administration. During the president’s State of the Union speech she brought a white balloon to the floor of the House in an apparent reference to the Chinese spy balloon that had infiltrated U.S. airspace at the time. She has claimed to have a “staggering” amount of evidence that Hunter Biden participated in schemes to benefit foreign companies. Her high-profile stature within the conservative base has even led some to wonder with President Trump will pick her as a running mate for 2024.