WATCH: Jan 6 Footage Shows Police Mercilessly Beating A Trapped Protester


CCTV footage from the January 6 Capitol protests has captured a deeply troubling incident wherein multiple police officers are seen beating an immobilized protester trapped in the Capitol tunnel.

As previously reported by Trending Politics News, the collapse of police lines on the Capitol’s west side began when officers decided to deploy tear gas towards a crowd that had, until then, been peaceful. Due to the wind blowing towards law enforcement, the tear gas affected their own officers, leading to frustration among the crowd and ensuing chaos in police lines.

“We’ve hit em’ with a lot of pain compliance, but you’re hitting innocent people,” expressed a D.C. Metropolitan Police officer in the footage. Another officer added, “And not only that, we’re taking out one, and ten of them are getting more angrier. We’re multiplying them by hitting them.”

Amidst the disorder following the collapse of police lines, protesters entered Capitol grounds through various entry points. Disturbing footage reveals a moment when the crowd surged into a confined space at the Lower West Terrace, trapping a man between protesters and police. Several Capitol and D.C. Metro police officers can be observed beating the immobilized protester with batons and a flashlight, persisting even as the man pleaded with officers and showed clear inability to retreat.

Instances of police brutality on January 6 have been documented in prior footage releases. One clip shows an officer pushing an elderly supporter down a flight of stairs, while another depicts police officers throwing flashbang grenades into what had been a peaceful crowd.

In June, January 6 defendant William Pope obtained footage revealing undercover D.C. Metro police officers dressed as Trump supporters, actively encouraging protesters to swarm the Capitol. The footage shows a plainclothes MPD officer climbing construction scaffolding, urging protesters to do the same and yelling phrases like “go, go, go” and “keep moving” as they stood on a ledge outside the Capitol pavilion, prompting them to move forward toward the building.

The conduct of the police on January 6 has been a significant point of concern regarding the protests and the ensuing chaos. Federal law enforcement agencies, along with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, have consistently refused to disclose the number of undercover officers present. Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has acknowledged that dozens of FBI and DHS assets were embedded in the crowd on that day.