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WATCH: Comer Reveals ‘Crooks’ Paid For ‘Things of Value’ From Joe Biden

WATCH: Comer Reveals ‘Crooks’ Paid For ‘Things of Value’ From Joe Biden

(trendingpoliticsnews) – House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) received a warm reception, and outright applause from a live audience, when he appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to give an update on his latest memo about the ongoing investigation into alleged corruption within the family of President Joe Biden, at one point claiming Biden delivered “things of value” to “crooks” who paid his family millions of dollars in return.

The Kentucky Republican has for months been searching for hard evidence that Biden, as vice president, knew or even sanctioned some of the overseas deals orchestrated by his son Hunter Biden and business partner Devon Archer, who went on to disburse payments through covert shell companies to other members of the Biden family. Rep. Comer spoke about “the brand” being sold, a reference to Joe Biden which Archer described in congressional testimony last week.

“It was Joe Biden’s brand, and that’s in the words of Devon Archer who was also in on the schemes with Hunter Biden. There’s no reason anyone would send Hunter Biden millions and millions of dollars. They did it for his father. His father was the brand, and that’s the question we’ve been asking for a long time,” said Comer.

“The question is, what exactly did the Bidens do to receive that money? And the answer is Joe Biden. They provided Joe Biden. And they gave these crooks — they’re all crooks who sent the Bidens this money,” he added.


Asked by Hannity what Hunter or President Biden’s grandchildren could have possibly offered to these countries who paid them handsomely, Rep. Comer was unsparing in his assessment.

“They didn’t do anything… What we’re seeing is that Joe Biden actually provided things of value in return for that money. Look at Ukraine. It’s becoming crystal clear that he went and fired the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s corrupt energy company over there,” he said.

Pressed on whether pleas from Hunter’s Ukrainian business company Burisma Holdings asking for help in Washington, D.C. were directed at Hunter or the vice president, the Oversight chair pointed the finger squarely at then-Vice President Biden.

“That was Joe Biden, the vice president. I don’t think anyone could argue that. And you look at the wife of the former mayor, the Russian oligarch. Her name was left off the sanction list, that happened while he was president,” said Rep. Comer. “But we’re seeing decisions he made while president that’s counter to every hardworking American. But some of these people we highlighted were receiving favors.”

The president has strongly denied his involvement in illegal activities by his son, who is currently negotiating a new plea deal with prosecutors related to tax crimes committed while receiving payments from foreign entities.



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