STUNNING: Russia expert says ‘blitzkrieg-type’ attack Under Way


(foxnews) – Russia expert Rebekah Irina Koffler said a ‘blitzkrieg-type’ attack could begin as early as tonight.

Rebekah Irina Koffler goes on to say:

‘Having recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and signed treaties today, Russia will almost certainly deploy armed forces, imminently, to occupy these breakaway territories. Putin has already authorized the deployment of “peacekeeping” troops into Eastern Ukraine.

Russian offensive operation against Ukraine will likely begin at 8 pm Eastern time and may not be limited to occupying Eastern Ukraine. Moscow is waging a propaganda campaign that lays out the pretext for an incursion into Ukraine proper. Russia may launch a large-scale air and missile bombardment of key military and government command and control facilities in major Ukrainian cities, preceding a ground incursion.

I cannot rule out the possibility of Putin’s authorizing a “decapitation” strategy, targeting Kiyv, to force Zelensky to flee, so Moscow can install a pro-Russian leader. At minimum, a crippling cyber warfare campaign will target Kiev, including its power grid.

This will be a swift blitzkrieg type operation. Whether Putin decides to target only Eastern Ukraine or Ukraine proper, Moscow will declare victory on February 23, the Soviet Army Day.'”