SPOTTED: Kevin McCarthy’s Roommate, Frank Luntz, Seen with McCarthy at the Capitol Today


(thegatewaypundit) – Kevin McCarthy not only lost three attempts at the Speakership today, but he was also spotted with his roommate Frank Luntz wandering around the Capitol.

According to reports, McCarthy was identified at the Capitol today with Luntz.

McCarthy is married with two children but has made bizarre excuses for his living arrangements in DC with Luntz.

Something doesn’t quite add up.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s Excuse for Living with Pollster Frank Luntz Doesn’t Add Up

Reports have not indicated that McCarthy’s wife was with him at the Capitol today along with Luntz.

Earlier in the day, Luntz was on CNBC where he said, “It looks very difficult for Kevin to put together a majority on the first ballot.”

He then got testy with the host.