SICKENING: Pro-Trans Irish Govt Looking to Erase Word ‘Woman’ from Constitution


(breitbart) – Ireland’s pro-transgenderism government is now looking to erase the word “woman” from the country’s constitution, the leader of a populist party in the country has claimed.

Hermann Kelly, the leader of the Irish Freedom Party, has told Breitbart Europe that the pro-transgenderism Irish government is now aiming to have the word “woman” stripped from the Irish constitution in pursuit of its progressive aims.

Authorities in the country have spent the last week pushing for “transgender issues” to be taught in the country’s schools — despite one of the country’s largest school associations coming out to rebuke the plan as not being backed by “scientific or medical consensus”.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first gay and first ethnic minority prime minister, or taoiseach, has now announced that the country will hold a referendum in November this year on axing part of the country’s constitution that gives special protections to a woman’s right to a home life, arguing that this amounts to women being “discriminated against” due to their historic role as carers.

However, Kelly instead suggests that the referendum — the text for which has not yet been agreed upon — is not about protecting women, but about removing gendered language from the constitution.

“It’s about gender confusion, and erasing the word ‘woman’ from the Constitution,” the party leader told Breitbart Europe, with the passage protecting a woman’s place in the home indeed being the only time the word is used in the current draft of the country’s central legal document.

Kelly went on to say that state authorities were looking to undermine the idea that only women can bear children, saying that the government needed to recognise the biological reality that men and women are different.

“It’s woke nonsense,” he said. “We need to put biology and family before transgenderism and erasing the word ‘woman’.”

By contrast, Ireland’s NGOs and political elite have largely welcomed the coming referendum, with one pro-transgender group calling the current language used in the document “outdated and sexist”.

Officials have meanwhile continued their crusade to see transgenderism taught in the country’s schools, despite encountering significant resistance from religious groups, parents and one of Ireland’s largest school associations.

With the country’s prime minister and deputy prime minister (tánaiste) having already voiced their support for the progressive ideology being taught in schools, Ireland’s leftist president came out on Thursday to seemingly back the reforms.

Though not referring to transgenderism explicitly, President Michael D. Higgins said that schools in the country must be forced to teach about sexuality in the “fullest sense”, adding that any educational institution that refuses to do so should be punished.

“The requirement for respect to be shown, and the right for it to be experienced, should be available to all,” he said. “It is necessary that it be taught, encouraged, and its absence sanctioned.”

It follows a previous statement from the head of state condemning members of the public who protest the country’s open borders politics as “sowing hate“.

“These people who are going around whipping people up and so forth, you didn’t see them previously making a case for housing, or for women’s rights, or for equal rights of any kind,” he claimed, channelling Hillary Clinton by describing the actions of the mostly working-class protest movement not as “deplorable” or “irredeemable” but as “unforgivable”.