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REPORT: New CNN Poll Finds Biden’s New Record Low…

REPORT: New CNN Poll Finds Biden’s New Record Low…

Former President Donald Trump has expanded his lead over President Biden to the widest margin in the history of CNN’s presidential survey.

In a head-to-head matchup with President Biden, Trump’s support has held firm at 49 percent. President Biden’s support dropped from 45 percent to 43 percent when compared with his numbers at the start of the year.

When asked about job performance, 55 percent of respondents indicated that they now view Trump’s first term as a success, while 44 percent see it as a failure. In January 2021, shortly after Trump left office, 55 percent of respondents classified his term as a failure.

As for President Biden, just 39 percent of registered voters agreed that his presidency has been a success. A whopping 61 percent said his presidency thus far has been a failure.

Among independents, 51% say Trump’s presidency was successful, while only 37% see Biden’s as a success.

The latest poll followed several months of trends in measuring overall dissatisfaction with President Biden’s job performance. 60 percent of respondents expressed disapproval with his tenure, a trend that has held up in the CNN poll for nearly a year.

In terms of individual issues, the president once again received overwhelmingly negative marks for his handling of the economy and tackling inflation. Even the issues where he receives the highest approval — such as health care policy and student loan forgiveness — are underwater at 45 percent and 44 percent respectively.

When asked about his handling of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the president received astronomically low approval. Just 21 percent approve of his job performance on the issue, while a whopping 71 percent disapprove.

This figure includes 81 percent of younger voters voicing disapproval, representing a growing problem for Biden with a demographic that was key to his 2020 victory.


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