MUST WATCH: Ex-Capitol Police Officer Releases Never-Before-Heard Police Audio of Jan. 6


Former Capitol Police Officer Tarik Johnson has made good on his promise to release the initial twelve hours of J6 police scanner audio, providing a deeper understanding of the Capitol Police’s communications during the tumultuous events of the 2020 election certification siege. Johnson shared his revelations on X, stating, “Here we go… Episode 1. The mainstream media is telling you that J6 was an insurrection.”

In his candid disclosure, Johnson raised pointed questions about the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman, highlighting her pivotal role in the USCP Commander Center. Using the call sign 405J-John, he detailed his efforts on the ground to de-escalate the situation while actively seeking assistance from Pittman. The released police scanner audio paints a picture of Pittman’s apparent unavailability or hesitancy to aid Chief Steven Sund in securing National Guard assistance, even in the face of challenges to the 2020 election.

Tarik Johnson emphasized the significance of the audio evidence, suggesting a potential case of professional negligence on the part of Unit 2 (Pittman). This revelation adds weight to the ongoing narrative of massive security failures as outlined by former Capitol Police Chief Sund, who had previously warned Congress multiple times about the imminent danger leading up to the January 6 riots.

Johnson further clarified that the Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division (IICD) had anticipated violence on January 6, involving various extremist groups. Despite these clear warnings, the House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, and the U.S. Senate, led by Majority Leader McConnell, failed to take substantial action to bolster security measures. Former Chief Sund resigned on January 7, succumbing to the mounting pressure exerted by Pelosi.

In the context of allegations surrounding the mishandling of intelligence, Johnson underscored the disturbing presence of FBI agents, undercover armed officers, and agents provocateurs during the Capitol siege. His commitment to unveiling information related to the January 6 “set-up” and the subsequent cover-up is evident, with Johnson assuring his audience that safeguards have been established. Notably, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and @TPC4USA (Steve Baker) are entrusted with holding the information in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Johnson concluded his revelation by expressing unwavering dedication to fighting for those adversely affected by the events of January 6. His commitment centers on the pursuit of truth and unity in the nation, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the aftermath of this unprecedented and controversial incident.