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BREAKING: Trump Uses Sneaky Maneuver To Bypass Judge’s Gag Order

BREAKING: Trump Uses Sneaky Maneuver To Bypass Judge’s Gag Order

In a masterful move that sidestepped Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order, former President Donald Trump ingeniously used mainstream media’s own words to articulate his stance on the case against him, reinforcing the contradictory statements and uncertainties surrounding the legal proceedings.

During his speech, Trump brandished a piece of paper and methodically read aloud quotes from various news outlets, highlighting their own skepticism and casting doubt on the case presented by the prosecution. He cited reports from CNN, NBC, and other sources, brining attention to the ambiguity in the allegations brought against him.

“The country is on fire. There are protests all over the country. I’ve never seen anything like this. Many graduation ceremonies are being canceled,” Trump began. “They canceled, as you know, in Columbia. They’re canceling a lot of them.”

In referencing various outlets’ critiques, Trump pointed out statements regarding the lack of concrete evidence. He quoted Michael Moore’s remarks from CNN, which noted that “the proof of falsifying records has not been accomplished.” He further referenced Good Morning America, noting how legal expenses paid to attorneys are a standard practice and not indicative of any wrongdoing.

“The legal expense that we paid was put down as legal expense. There’s nothing else you could say,” Trump said. As he read through the transcript, Trump criticized the nature of the prosecution’s focus on legal expenses, calling it a baseless accusation. “They’re trying to get us on the fact that we called it a legal expense,” he said, adding that all financial entries had been approved by relevant agencies, including the IRS and the FEC.


“The check was signed. This was approved by all agencies. Everybody saw this. There was nothing being hidden at all,” he said. Trump further highlighted a quote from NBC’s Today Show, where a commentator noted that “there is no smoking gun, no email or tape to prove the President’s intent.” Adding to his defense, he cited a Fox News opinion that called the gag order “unconstitutional,” a sentiment that resonated strongly with Trump’s audience.

“All that’s going on, they have no case. Every single legal scholar that I see… has said there’s absolutely no case. It’s a case that shouldn’t have been brought,” Trump said, dismissing the prosecution’s efforts as politically motivated.

Trump continued, suggesting that the trial itself was unfair and rooted in partisan politics. “The previous DA wouldn’t bring it. Brad didn’t want to bring it, and he brought it because I’m running in number one place. This all comes out of the White House and crooked Joe Biden.”

Despite the gag order, Trump’s tactic of leveraging media skepticism showcased his knack for circumventing legal constraints while defending his actions, leaving Judge Merchan with little room to enforce a violation.

The trial is set to resume on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in Manhattan, where Judge Merchan denied Trump’s call for a mistrial after Stormy Daniels’ detailed testimony. Daniels is expected to continue her cross-examination in what is poised to be another high-stakes day in court.


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