BREAKING: The Truth About Biden Economy


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday made an unsubstantiated claim that the majority of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s economy due to Trump. Recent polls, however, indicate that Americans believe they were financially better off under Trump. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre on Biden’s economic failures and persistent inflation.

“On lowering prices, you said earlier that the actions the President has taken have worked. So, is it your sense that, when people were home for Thanksgiving, catching up with their family members they were saying to each other, ‘Can you believe how much more affordable things have gotten?’” asked Doocy.

Jean-Pierre responded with a convoluted response, emphasizing the seriousness with which the administration takes the decisions families make at their kitchen tables. She cited data indicating an improving economy and households in a strong financial position, preparing for the President’s upcoming announcement on actions to further lower costs.

Doocy questioned why, despite claims of economic improvement, a majority of Americans did not believe it. Jean-Pierre blamed Trump, stating that when Biden took office, the economy was in a tailspin due to the Trump administration’s handling of COVID. She credited the American Rescue Plan for revitalizing the economy.

Doocy challenged this narrative, pointing out that after almost three years, inflation has risen over 17% since Biden took office, and asked if it is still Trump’s fault. A visibly irritated Jean-Pierre insisted that prices are decreasing due to Biden.

Contrary to the administration’s narrative, polls suggest dissatisfaction with Biden’s economic policies. Moody’s recently downgraded the US government outlook, citing high interest rates, spending, and deficits as contributing factors. Earlier this year, Moody’s had also lowered the outlook for the entire US banking sector to negative, impacting borrowing costs.