BREAKING: Texas Board Finally Gets A Break…


Texas Governor Greg Abbott unveiled a series of comprehensive measures aimed at addressing the surge of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. Speaking to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Abbott revealed that state peace officers would be given the authority to arrest and detain illegal aliens, sparking potential conflict with the Biden Administration.

Despite repeated lawsuits from the Biden Administration over Texas’ efforts to control the migrant flow, Abbott emphasized the state’s commitment to immigration enforcement, deploying both water and land-based barriers. A recent setback occurred when an appeals court ordered the removal of water-based barriers in the Rio Grande, overturning a previous ruling that had allowed Texas to maintain the barriers during the appeal process.

In response to the escalating situation, Governor Abbott announced plans to implement new border control measures almost immediately. He highlighted the severity of the problem, attributing it to the Biden administration’s lenient approach, stating, “The numbers are high, and that is because Joe Biden continues to lay out the welcome mat, welcoming illegal immigrants into the United States of America.”

Abbott credited Texas’ existing infrastructure, including walls and razor-wide barriers, for redirecting illegal entry points away from the state. Despite this, he acknowledged the need for additional efforts, revealing his intention to sign a “new law in the state of Texas that will make it illegal for people to enter the state of Texas from another country illegally.” Furthermore, the law would authorize every peace officer in Texas to arrest those entering the country illegally.

Governor Abbott plans to sign the new measure in two weeks, setting the stage for another potential clash with the Biden Administration, which argues that such actions would encroach on Border Patrol responsibilities.