BREAKING: Report Reveals Hunter Biden May Be DONE – America Shocked…


(breitbart) – My Son Hunter, the new movie from Breitbart News, is a fact-based dramatization of the life of debauchery and corruption lived by the first son Hunter Biden. Although the movie takes certain artistic liberties, many scenes portray true accounts of the Biden scion’s life.

Last Sunday on 60 Minutes, President Joe Biden dismissed concerns about the corruption scandals plaguing his son and his family. “There’s not a single thing that I’ve observed at all that would affect me or the United States relative to my son Hunter,” Biden claimed.

The film My Son Hunter would beg to differ. The following are thirteen true facts portrayed in the film.

1. Hunter Biden took $5 million in a deal with his Chinese business associate Patrick Ho — who he referred to as “the f**king spy chief of China” in a recording on his abandoned laptop.

2. Hunter Biden inked a $1.5 billion deal with a subsidiary of the Bank of China, just 12 days after he visited China with his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden.  

3. Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from Moscow for an unknown reason. 

4. Hunter Biden sat on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, while his then-Vice President father was in charge of U.S. policy toward Ukraine. 

5. Hunter Biden took a salary of $83,000 per month from his seat on the board of Ukrainian Energy Company, Burisma. 

6. Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine to protect Ukrainian energy company Burisma, while Hunter was on the board.

7. Hunter Biden was gifted a 3 carat, $80,000 diamond by CEFC Chinese Energy Co. partner Ye Jianming.

8. Hunter Biden partnered with a Chinese Military-linked company.

9. Hunter Biden referred to Joe Biden using pseudonyms in business communications, for “plausible deniability.”

10. Hunter Biden invested in Chinese companies producing surveillance technology used on Uyghurs. 

11. Hunter Biden’s laptop is in FBI possession. 

12. Hunter Biden was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use.

13. Hunter Biden illegally obtained a firearm by lying on ATF forms about his drug use. 

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My Son Hunter marks Breitbart’s expansion into film distribution. The film was directed by Robert Davi (GooniesLicense to KillDie Hard) and stars Laurence Fox (VictoriaInspector LewisThe Professor, and The Madman) as Hunter Biden; Gina Carano (The MandalorianDead PoolHeist) as a Secret Service agent; and John James (Dynasty) as Joe Biden. It was produced by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (Gosnell movie, FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers) from the Unreported Story Society.

The film is available RIGHT NOW for Streaming and Downloading at MySonHunter.comThe trailer below has been viewed almost 5 million times across social media.