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BREAKING: Police Begin To Clear Columbia University Encampment

BREAKING: Police Begin To Clear Columbia University Encampment

After nearly two weeks, the New York Police Department appears to be putting an end to the pro-Palestine encampment at Columbia University.

The protests escalated dramatically on Monday night when a number of rioters smashed windows and proceeded to occupy the university’s Hamilton Hall, which they renamed to “Hind’s Hall.” Protesters could be seen vandalizing and breaking into a number of other buildings as well.

Nearly 24 hours later, the university finally gave police permission to access the campus and conduct arrests.

Police officers in riot gear could be seen carrying protesters away from the building while others were led out in zip-tie handcuffs. Students were told to return to their dorm rooms or face arrest.

Near Hamilton Hall, riot police used armored vehicles in order to get close from the building. Footage from on-the-ground reporter Oliya Scootercaster shows officers entering the building both at the ground level and through higher floors with the use of a ladder.

According to CBS News reporter Ali Bauman, police obtained evidence that the wife of a known jihadist is with protesters on the Columbia University campus. NYPD officials had previously warned that “outside agitators” were making their way to not only the Columbia encampment, but a number of additional sites at colleges across the city.

The raid comes after the Columbia University encampment inspired a number of similar protests across the country. Demonstrators have called on universities to end involvement with any Israeli companies or schools, drop charges against all protesters and publicly call for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

While several encampments across the nation have been cleared, a number of them remain active as of this report.


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